[SunRescue] Re: IDPROM problem with OPUStation PM 5000

Carsten Bartels carsten.bartels at gmx.de
Mon May 1 16:43:52 CDT 2000

> Don't worry about the original values so much.  The HOSTID FAQ will
> give you some pointers - but it couldn't hurt to seek out someone
> with a working OPUStation and have them send you the correct HOSTID. 
> As far as the ethernet address goes, you can use just about anything
> you want, see the NVRAM HOSTID FAQ for specific guidlines.  Once you
> have all the info, follow the step-by-step instructions and you'll be
> ready to go.  You might want to experiment with the dead NVRAM just
> to be sure you get things right before plugging in the new one - but
> it's really difficult to foul up.

I've read the HOSTID FAQ. It describes how to reprogramm the NVRAM.
I've tryed everything to get into the Command-Mode of the BIOS but it
doesn't work. The system stops completely. No STOP-A or something else
I also put the NVRAM from my working SS2 into the OPUStation. The OPUS
displayed the right values (HOSTID, SERIAL No., Ethernet Address) i
know from the SS2, but the IDPROM error messages appears also.

I don't know what to do. Is the system dead?

BTW: The board of the OPUSstation PM 5000 looks very similar to the SS2
board. The OPUSstation is equipped with a Weitek SPARC CPU @ 25MHz. 

Mit freundlichem Gruss
Carsten Bartels

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