[SunRescue] sun3/160 memory question

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Thu Aug 31 13:55:21 CDT 2000

On August 31, Alexander Bochmann wrote:
> I have two sun3/160s, which both have 8MB RAM (4MB on the CPU 
> board and 4MB on a VME card). As I only use one of the machines, 
> is it possible to salvage the 4MB card from one of the boxen and 
> use it in the other one? Is there something I have to look for?

  The 3/100 cpu can use up to 16mb RAM with up to three Sun 4mb memory
boards.  Clearpoint (and maybe others) made larger boards that took it
to a maximum of 32mb, but 16mb is the max with Sun boards.  I have a
Clearpoint 28mb 3/100 board, which brings it up to 32mb with the
3/100's onboard 4mb.  That makes for a nice system using only two
slots for the cpu and memory.

  You'll need to rejumper the board from your other machine to tell it
that it's now the second board.  The jumpers are in the lower right
portion of the board, I believe, but I don't remember how to set them
correctly.  Does someone have the Field Guide online somewhere?

  If you can't locate that jumper information, email me and I'll go
dig it up for you.

         -Dave McGuire

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