[SunRescue] Help me class up my datacenter!

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Thu Aug 31 11:15:59 CDT 2000


You could try a shop the specializes in custom graphics.  Usually they
work in computer generated vinyl "stickers".  They make everything from
signs to custom stickers for cars and trucks.  I would go armed with
examples of fonts, logos, maybe even scans of Sun logos.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

"Hatle, Steven J." wrote:
> All,
> After a datacenter reorganization this last weekend, I've now got some Suns
> (2 E450's, 2 E250's, 1 Ultra 2) all racked up and pretty in the front row of
> the data center, right in front of the glass wall that opens onto our lobby.
> But, since the Suns are in a smoked front cabinet (not a Sun cabinet
> <frown>), it's hard to tell what they are, unlike the Compaq stuff next to
> them. So, I'm looking for a "Powered by Sun Microsystems" or Sun logo
> sticker or plate that I can put on the front of the cabinet to show my
> affiliation! <grin>
> If anyone has some pointers to places I could find this stuff, please let me
> know. I can try our local Sun office this a.m., I guess.
> This is corporate headquarters, so no "Solaris Kicks Ass" or "Wintel Sucks!"
> type stuff will not work <grin>.
> Steve

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