[SunRescue] Help me class up my datacenter!

Hatle, Steven J. shatle at vue.com
Thu Aug 31 08:19:16 CDT 2000


After a datacenter reorganization this last weekend, I've now got some Suns
(2 E450's, 2 E250's, 1 Ultra 2) all racked up and pretty in the front row of
the data center, right in front of the glass wall that opens onto our lobby.

But, since the Suns are in a smoked front cabinet (not a Sun cabinet
<frown>), it's hard to tell what they are, unlike the Compaq stuff next to
them. So, I'm looking for a "Powered by Sun Microsystems" or Sun logo
sticker or plate that I can put on the front of the cabinet to show my
affiliation! <grin>

If anyone has some pointers to places I could find this stuff, please let me
know. I can try our local Sun office this a.m., I guess. 

This is corporate headquarters, so no "Solaris Kicks Ass" or "Wintel Sucks!"
type stuff will not work <grin>.



Steve Hatle
Eden Prairie, MN
952 995 8794

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