[SunRescue] re axil 220 and hello n stuff

SCondits.condit at unite.net SCondits.condit at unite.net
Thu Aug 31 08:03:03 CDT 2000

> I had one of these myself, upgraded it to an Axil
> with a low-cost MB
> swap that I came across. These are like "odd-ball"
> SS5 work-alikes...

> The memory system can take 4, 8, 16 or 32 Meg SIMM
> (72 pin parity)


Can't help you out much with the Axil 220 - the 245 can take up to 192MB in
six slots (32 per slot). Info on Axil (apart from what happened to them)
seems quite hard to find. You might want to start here


Apart from that I haven't been able to find a lot apart from a few text
documents. MemoryX have memory for Axils at www.memoryx.com

Stephen Condit

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