[SunRescue] axil 220 and hello n stuff

Ken Hansen n2vip at bellatlantic.net
Thu Aug 31 07:04:26 CDT 2000

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> > As you know, they have two "stacked" sbus slots, so
> > no dual-wide cards are usable.
> That's not a problem :)  But, looking at the vast
> canyon inside the case, I can't see why it couldn't
> have them arranged more like the sparc1.

I suspect that heat disipation was the motivation - rather than create a
very small area above the SBUS cards with limited air flow, by stacking the
cards they could possibly get better air flow... (those big areas on each
side with all those side vents lead to good airflow)

Another thought would be the impact on the motherboard area - they would
have lost more circuit area to the second connector, and that may have
limites the number of SIMMs they could fit on the MB - this may have been
more of a concern with the faster models (the Axil 245 has 6 SIMM sockets).

Also, there are not that many "modern" SBUS cards that are doublewide, so
the limitation was considered slight, I'd guess...

Just a thought,


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