[SunRescue] Solaris 8

Stout, Logan ldstout at broadband.att.com
Wed Aug 30 16:38:16 CDT 2000


hope this isnt inappropriate for this list, but I am wondering if anyone has
tried making cdr copies of solaris 8 for sparc, and more to the point, if
anyone would be willing to help me out with obtaining a copy. I *DO* have a
binary license from Sun, but I have not gotten the cd I ordered from the
almost a month ago, and my Ultra 5 is virtually useless until then (this
machine was purchased to be a testing environment for 8, all else is 6&7. If
anyone can help, I wwould be most appreciative. 
Disclaimer: so far as I know, from the licensing of solaris 8, what I am
requesting is in no way illegal, if you believe it is, feel free to ignore
this posting, if you KNOW it is, the let me know, as I must be missing
something about this licensing.

Logan Stout

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