[SunRescue] Best Value Sun for $1000?

Hatle, Steven J. shatle at vue.com
Wed Aug 30 15:38:05 CDT 2000

Do you have a website or a phone number for Forsythe?

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o.k., i stand corrected as far as the upgrade to the processor is concerned,

however the graphics still suck under 98 and nt4 compared to what you can do

with a creator 3d card. for $1000 an ultra 2 is still a *much* better 
machine, and i would even personally prefer an ultra 1 170E or 200E with 
creator 3d cards.

i got mine from a leasing company in skokie illinois after it was terminated

off lease. they sell a lot of nice sun equipment (a lot of it much higher 
end than i have a budget for unfortunately, but lots of good deals). its 
called forsythe technology and you should talk to megan thomas. 
unfortunately, this is a secondary business for them and they're not really 
set up to provide an inventory, so you should have a clear idea of what you 
are looking for when you call them. their inventory comes in waves. one week

they'll have 30 ultra 1's to get rid of, and the next they'll have only 
3500's and 5500's. it just depends on whose lease terminated that week.


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>On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 03:28:33PM +0000, Brian McCloskey wrote:
> > the ultra 5 is not a bad machine, but again the processor is not 
>Wrong.  You can swap in a 400 or 440mhz CPU.  The CPU is a removable 
> > and they are ide based by default, which also isn't horrible but doesn't
> > allow for easy hookup of peripherals unless you add a pci scsi card. 
> > is a very well supported symbios pci scsi card out there, but i think 
>its a
> > bit hard to find these days (worth tracking down though since it should 
> > under $100 and sun's card is around $500 i think). speaking from my 
> > experience the sunpci card is not going to be what you want. its not too
> > useful under any circumstances really, but for playing games its going 
> > really suck.
>Were you using Win98?  Under NT4, the "shared" video performance is great,
>and its even better if you have a separate monitor for the SunPCi card.
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