[SunRescue] axil 220 and hello n stuff

kebabthesheep kebabthesheep at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 30 03:50:25 CDT 2000

> I had one of these myself, upgraded it to an Axil
> with a low-cost MB
> swap that I came across. These are like "odd-ball" 
> SS5 work-alikes...

> The memory system can take 4, 8, 16 or 32 Meg SIMM  
> (72 pin parity)

That's interesting, because I noticed last night, that
openbsd reported the mmu (iommu) device had a range of
64Mb.  I assume, this refers to the maximum physical
address space?  There are four simm slots, so can I
only use 4x16Mb, or 2x32Mb ?  Has anybody tried 4x32Mb
?  Do you remember if you needed to add simms in
identical pairs?  

> As you know, they have two "stacked" sbus slots, so 
> no dual-wide cards are usable.

That's not a problem :)  But, looking at the vast
canyon inside the case, I can't see why it couldn't
have them arranged more like the sparc1.  

I'd like to scrape togeather as much data as possible
about these boxen, so I can pass them on to the guys
writing the sunref guide :)  I'd also do something
similar for my other boxes, especially the 3/80 I
collected last night.


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