[SunRescue] Best Value Sun for $1000?

WilliamBarnett-Lewiswlewis at mailbag.com WilliamBarnett-Lewiswlewis at mailbag.com
Tue Aug 29 17:23:33 CDT 2000

The subject says it all. I currently have an IPX (2gb/64mb &20" grayscale)
that certainly works fun, but is Solaris 8 challenged and a wee bit pokey
when in CDE. I'd like to retire my PowerMac 8500 and go to a Sun for my
primary machine. Here at home that means I need to be able to do Internet
over dialup, word processing, light programming (Squeak Smalltalk and the
like), possibly some 3d rendering and run my copy of Real PC for those old
dos games I'm addicted to... ;>

I've seen that Data Instruments has an Ultra 1/170 for that much, but Mr.
Dikeman has warned me that they may not have any when I'm ready to buy in a
couple of months (This will be my wife's Christmas present to me). So
failing that, what would qualify as the best bang for the buck. The budget
may get a hundred or two higher, but not lower.



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