[SunRescue] DEC Alpha gear for sale (finally!)

Chris Petersen havoc at apk.net
Mon Aug 28 16:18:50 CDT 2000

Whew!  After almost 9 months of waiting, I finally got my hands on the Alpha
hardware I first mentioned to the list back in December-timeframe of last
year.  Talk about corporate beaurcracy (and I *bought* these in order to
rescue them, otherwise they were going to pay money to have them destroyed).

Anyways, rather than flood the list with another long message similar to the
last one I sent out, I've got all the details up on a web page for your


Included on the site are pictures of similar gear (no digital camera on this
end yet, so you'll have to settle for DEC marketing photos), as well as
detailed information on the 7 configurations available and copies of the
Systems & Options Catalog in PDF format, which go into greater detail on
the units and their specifications.

To very quickly summarize, here's the configurations available:

DEC 3000/300X Tru64 5.0
DEC 3000/600 Digital UNIX 4.0F Base
DEC 3000/600 Digital UNIX 4.0F Plus
DEC 3000/600 Digital UNIX 4.0F PlusCD
DEC 3000/600 Tru64 5.0 PlusCD
Digital AlphaStation 600 5/266 Base
Digital AlphaStation 600 5/266 Plus

Note that the distinguising difference between a Tru64 5.0 and a Digital
UNIX 4.0F configuration is framebuffer support.  These are all complete
configurations, including memory, disk, keyboard, mouse, all cables, and a
monitor.  Commercial Digital UNIX licenses are available for official,
legitimate transfer, provided you're willing to pay the $300 fee to Compaq. 
Or, go the hobbyist route and choose from Digital UNIX/Tru64, OpenVMS,
NetBSD, OpenBSD, or Linux Alpha (the latter only on the AlphaStations).

I've got all the gear in, and I've got mass-installation capability ready
to churn out OS installs and test the units.  There are 30 total machines 
amongst all those configurations listed, and I've got 3-4 examples of each 
configuration available, except for the AlphaStation 600s (2 of each, 
get yours now :-] ).  Don't like the configurations listed?  Contact me 
directly and I'll work up something to your specs if I've got the parts 
(there were some spares in the lot, plus a few parts-only machines).

We've also got some spare components from this stash, including a processor
upgrade board for a 3000/300LX (125MHz Alpha -> 175MHz Alpha) and plenty of
monitors.  We've also got some extra RAM for the 3000/600 series units
(compatible with DEC 3000/400, 3000/500, 3000/600, 3000/700, 3000/800, &
3000/900).  Contact for more details.  

Special deal for list-members only:  Buy any configuration at the w/out
monitor price and I'll throw in the monitor for free (you pay shipping). 
Pickup discounts to anyone willing to take a trip to Akron, OH to pick their
unit up.

These will start showing up on auctions.workstations.org in the next couple
of days, as well as the newsgroups.  I'm giving the list first dibs to

I'm also open to trades, contact me directly with your trade/partial trade.
As listed on the web page, here's some of the stuff I'm looking for:

	  Tadpole Alphabook or SparcBook 3GX or newer 
          Parts for SAIC RSC-1X Portable SPARC Workstation
	  Sun SS20, Ultra 1, Ultra 5/10 or Ultra 30, SS1000E 
          HP B/C/J class workstations or D/E/K class servers 
          IBM 43 series workstations 
          SGI Power Indigo2/Indy R5k/O2 
          Compaq AP500/SP700 Intel-based workstations 
          Digital Personal Workstation 300/333i Intel-based workstations 
          Cisco networking gear (switches/hubs in particular) 
          Anything unusual and interesting... 


Chris Petersen
Systems Engineer, Industry Services, Unigraphics Solutions Inc.
Co-founder, auctions.workstations.org
Email: havoc at apk.net

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