[SunRescue] Maximum drive size...

Mike Hebel druaga at pmail.net
Mon Aug 28 12:13:52 CDT 2000

What's the maximum primary drive size on an Ultra 10 box?

Here's the scoop...

I have 6 Ultra 10 boxen here at work with the following installed in each:

1 - 4gig IDE (primary drive - primary channel - used for the Solaris system)
1 - CDROM (secondary drive - primary channel)
1 - 6.4gig IDE (primary drive - secondary channel - used for SunPCI only)
Nothing on second plug of secondary channel.

We're running into the 90% capacity on the Solaris side of things and I
would like to upgrade the primary drive in these boxes but don't know that
maximum limits.

("/usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag -v" does not give me the PROM version

Anybody out there able to run a 30 - 40 gig?  I'd like to take advantage of
the 30 gig Maxtor drives out there for $107 (www.pricewatch.com). =-)

Thanks in advance!

Mike Hebel

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