[SunRescue] 240V wiring

James Lockwood james at foonly.com
Sun Aug 27 05:34:26 CDT 2000

Ok, so it's not a strictly Sun question per se, but it has a fair amount
of relevance to those of us running bigger iron at home.

Moving to a new location is giving me a chance to rethink the power wiring
for my computers.  I've picked up a fair amount of gear that wants
200-250V, and most of the rest of what I have will run on that as well as
on 120.  Nearly everything has vanilla IEC320-C14 (I forget
whatever the NEMA number is) receptacles.

I guess if I want to correctly follow code I need a bunch of NEMA 6-15R
(or 14-15R if I really want to have the separate phases) receptacles.
Problem is that I'll want a pile of 6-15P/IEC320-C13 cables and a power
strip/surge suppressor with a bunch of 6-15R's.  Does anyone know of a
place that sells these at a reasonable (under $5 per cable) price?  I'd
pay reasonable money for an 8+ outlet 6-15R power strip.  I don't need
huge current capacity, everything that I have could easily fit on one
240V/20A circuit.

I've thought about just using 5-15 kit (rated to 250VAC of course) but
aside from violating code it would be a definite safety hazard.  I
wouldn't want anyone plugging a vacuum cleaner into one of these outlets
by mistake.  I wouldn't want anyone plugging one into one of these outlets
period, but I'd rather have the machines go down (with 120) than start a

Any recommendations of reasonably priced 240V UPS'?  What I'd love is a
240V unit that also ran a live neutral so I could run 120-only kit off of
the split phases if I had to (balanced of course!).  I seem to remember
Deltec having units like this.  Only needs to run for a few minutes until
the generator fires up.

-James [someday, someday, 208Y/120]

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