[SunRescue] OT: AS/400 help

PaulKhourypkhoury2 at loop.com PaulKhourypkhoury2 at loop.com
Sat Aug 26 15:36:19 CDT 2000

>There is a contradiction here somewhere:
>Black case = risc = OS/400 V3R6(and up certainly not V3R0M5)
>Black Case = Advanced System /36 = OS  SS.x (NOT OS/400)
>Cream Case = CISC = OS/400 V3R2Mx (MAX)
I know what the cream case ones look like - those look cool, and I'd buy one in a heartbeat
if there was one for 5 bucks locally.

Then again, I just bought a VT420, some keyboards, and 2 ThinkPads (very usuable for 1), all
about $60 at today's hugh computer show.  I was really there looking for cheap
SPARCs for a coworker.

>If it is an advanced System /36 then IBM class it as an AS/400 (???)

Those are cool, I read a book about them before.

>They bought the system out to help people (companies) migrate over a
>longer period of time to RISC systems. 

As a transition from older S/36 systems, which came before AS/400.

>Looking at my AS manual I have an entry for a model 200 which looks like
>it's a CISC, it says it has a version 3 Proc, and max OS is V3R2. The
>9402 number is in reference to the casing. Shame if it was a RISC I have
>some DASD drives and OS/400 V3R6 on CD. As for the Advanced system 36,
>that is a 9402 236, so it's definatly not one of those. If I knew how to
>make a copy of the os, and get past the system password (or even
>understood it fully) I'd make a copy for you (tsk tsk... did I say that)
>But I've never really got to grips with the machine.
The back says 9402-2XX
I'll see if I can call IBM, and maybe get them to tell me what it was
when it was made according to its serial number.

>Just one question though, the case, does it have red trim or blue or
>none at all?

That's a very good question - I don't know - I finally got the side panels, and floor
stand, which are all black.  Again,  I do know what you're talking about, though.

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