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MarkDaviesMarkUK at uunix.demon.co.uk MarkDaviesMarkUK at uunix.demon.co.uk
Sat Aug 26 00:43:28 CDT 2000

Paul Khoury wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Aug 2000 14:04:21 -0400, dbwoodw wrote:
> >Is the case black or white? If it's black, it has a PowerPC processor and is fairly new.
> >
> Case is all black - I realized I didn't pickup the outside of the case when I got thte machine yesterday,
> but picked it up today - along with a C.Itoh terminal (1982), and a TVI-920C (1980)
> This is so cool, going back 20 years...
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There is a contradiction here somewhere:

Black case = risc = OS/400 V3R6(and up certainly not V3R0M5)
Black Case = Advanced System /36 = OS  SS.x (NOT OS/400)
Cream Case = CISC = OS/400 V3R2Mx (MAX)

If it is an advanced System /36 then IBM class it as an AS/400 (???)
They bought the system out to help people (companies) migrate over a
longer period of time to RISC systems. 
Looking at my AS manual I have an entry for a model 200 which looks like
it's a CISC, it says it has a version 3 Proc, and max OS is V3R2. The
9402 number is in reference to the casing. Shame if it was a RISC I have
some DASD drives and OS/400 V3R6 on CD. As for the Advanced system 36,
that is a 9402 236, so it's definatly not one of those. If I knew how to
make a copy of the os, and get past the system password (or even
understood it fully) I'd make a copy for you (tsk tsk... did I say that)
But I've never really got to grips with the machine.

Just one question though, the case, does it have red trim or blue or
none at all?

Regards Mark

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