Cheap mainframe or mini's? WAS RE: Re: [SunRescue] OT: AS/400 help

DaveMcGuiremcguire at DaveMcGuiremcguire at
Fri Aug 25 15:10:42 CDT 2000

On August 25, apotter at wrote:
> >   Later-model VAXen (4000/300 or 4000/400 for example) are nice,
> > quiet, pull very little power (compared to other minis)
> So, how much power does the home model Cray pull anyway?

  My whole computer room currentyl runs from two 5KVA UPSs...The Cray
J90 alone loads one to about 40% and the other to about 25%.  It's
split across the two UPSs for connector availability reasons.

  Smaller systems can pull less power...the YMP-EL family, for
example...but they're nowhere near as fast as the J90.

       -Dave McGuire

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