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Fri, 25 Aug 2000 20:28:42 +0100
pkhoury2 at wrote:
> Okay, I know this is OT, but I thought someone on this list
> something about this.  I went to a local electronics store
> work yesterday, and they had cheap stuff in the back.  I asked
> how much the AS/400 was (they didn't know what it was), and
> got it for 5 bucks.  Appears to be a 9402-200.  I'd like to
> it up and running, along with my SPARCs (if I can get OS/400
> cheap).  Has no HDs, only a 2GB QIC tape drive.  If anyone
> help, please email me (offlist or to packrats).
> Thanks,
> Paul


5 Bucks has bought you a very good boat anchor.

The Machine is a CISC as opposed to the latter RISC type, so
maximum OS is V3R2.
You can get the OS of IBM for about $8,000.
You may be lucky enough to find someone who is willing to let
you have a
version, but I'm afraid that's very slim.
Did you get any Twinax Display stations or 5250 emulation PC
Did you get the  System Key?
Did you get the system Password?

Sorry to be so negative, but the AS/400 crowd are not to helpful
hobbyist, which is why if you get a system, make sure ut runs

I'd save your time and money and junk it now.

I'm over in the UK and was lucky enough to be given a working
with cables, Displays and cards. I rally turn it on though.

Hope this helps.

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