[SunRescue] OT: AS/400 help

pkhoury2 at loop.com pkhoury2 at loop.com
Fri Aug 25 14:30:12 CDT 2000

Okay, I know this is OT, but I thought someone on this list knows
something about this.  I went to a local electronics store after
work yesterday, and they had cheap stuff in the back.  I asked
how much the AS/400 was (they didn't know what it was), and I
got it for 5 bucks.  Appears to be a 9402-200.  I'd like to get
it up and running, along with my SPARCs (if I can get OS/400
cheap).  Has no HDs, only a 2GB QIC tape drive.  If anyone can
help, please email me (offlist or to packrats).



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