AW: [SunRescue] Is this a decent deal?

koyote koyote at
Thu Aug 24 06:51:31 CDT 2000

I got thew compuadd ss1 about a year ago for $47 - but it included
a monitor and a *pile* of extra cables....

I figure the ss1 itself was just a bonus to the deal.

 > > LOL! I paid _way_ too much for my
first one about a year ago.  It was an > IPC
> > and it cost me $65 with shipping and had no RAM, no HD, and no extra
> > framebuffer. *sigh*  Well, live and learn. ;-)

> Heck,
> I paid about 135$ for my IPC but it is loaded:
> GX Framebuffer
> ISDN Card
> 48 Megs
> a 17" color Mon
> typ 5 keyboard
> optical mouse
> AUI-converter

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