[SunRescue] OT: plextor CDROM drive

Ken Hansen n2vip at bellatlantic.net
Wed Aug 23 07:22:10 CDT 2000

This should be a 4x drive, and it should (as all pextors do) boot Suns just
fine. I have
no exp. w/SGI hardware but I believe this drive should boot that as well.

There will be a jumper on the back to set the block size, set it to 512 byte
blocks, not
2048 byte.

Plextor has manuals for similar-era drives at:




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> Morning,
> I have erm acquired in my latest haul an external Plextor
> CD-ROM drive ( PX45CS ) - dated 1995,  I don't suppose anyone
> has any technical specs for these as Plextors site is next
> to useless for older models from what I can see.
> If this drive is quicker than single speed and will boot
> Suns and Indys from CDROM I am going to be a happy man, as
> the single speed Sun drive I have is painfull.
> Thanks
> Paul
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