[SunRescue] SPARCbook power-saving and NCE

ChrisPowellChris_Powell at mitel.com ChrisPowellChris_Powell at mitel.com
Wed Aug 23 02:40:33 CDT 2000

Hi everyone,

I sent this to the SPARCbook mailing list, but there were no responses.
Perhaps someone on this group has some answers?


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>From cjwp Wed Aug 16 16:46:58 2000
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I'm having a couple of problems with my SPARCbook 3GS.

Firstly, I can't get the screen brightness to vary. It's bright enough,
but I'd like it dimmer, especially when running off battery. The pause
and up/down arrow keys don't change it. The keys do, however, change
the screen brightness value (checked using syshw -v).

Secondly I'm not sure how to get the disc to spin-down after a sensible
delay. It currently seems to spin-down after about 30 seconds, but
spins-up almost immediately. I've tried changing /etc/power.conf and
adding a line:

sd at 3,0          180

To spin-down in 3 minutes, but it still spins-down after 30 seconds
or so (I did use pmconfig to update powerd). I also tried 193 to
try to avoid a time on a 30 second interval.

I'm running 2.6 with all the Tadpole patches.

Finally, is NCE available for 2.6 (or later!)? Seems as if it stopped
at 2.5.1, will it run on a 2.6 machine?



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