[SunRescue] Is this a decent deal?

Mike Hebel Druaga at pmail.net
Mon Aug 21 22:19:43 CDT 2000

> >also admit that I've never paid as much (outside of my $600
> >SPARCbook 3GX)

Where the heck did you find a SPARCbook for $600?  I've been looking for a
while now and debating but the only ones I could find were $1k or above.

> >$10 for various IPXs and IPCs (none-12MEGs, 213MEG Maxtor SCSIs, floppy
> >drives).

LOL! I paid _way_ too much for my first one about a year ago.  It was an IPC
and it cost me $65 with shipping and had no RAM, no HD, and no extra
framebuffer. *sigh*  Well, live and learn. ;-)
(I haven't even had the capability to run Solaris at home until the middle
of this year when I finally got a SS2.)

Mike Hebel

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