[SunRescue] Is this a decent deal?

MatthewHaaswedge at lightlink.com MatthewHaaswedge at lightlink.com
Mon Aug 21 20:06:47 CDT 2000

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Dave McGuire wrote:
>   I dunno, guys.  Sounds like fifty bucks worth of RAM and twenty
> bucks worth of drive, that leaves $30 for an SS2 base, which just
> isn't that bad.  Especially in terms of "bang for the buck".

Sounds like the classic economic quandary of choice:

 Price of parts vs. Price of entire unit.

 Price of individual parts summed together will nearly always outweigh the
cost of an entire system... so everyone has their own points, from their
own points of view.

 I bought my first SPARCstation, a SPARC 2, a couple years ago for $100...
it had 64MEGs, two 213MEG Maxtor SCSIs, double-length CGSIX card, type-5
keyboard, floppy, optical mouse and pad. Machine was a pull, so the OS was
useless to me. I think the investment was worth it, especially not having
the resources or the knowledge of Sun hardware at the time. But I will
also admit that I've never paid as much (outside of my $600 SPARCbook 3GX)
for another SPARC... $20 for my LX (32MEGs, 1Gig Seagate SCSI, floppy), or
$10 for various IPXs and IPCs (none-12MEGs, 213MEG Maxtor SCSIs, floppy


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