[SunRescue] Is this a decent deal?

pwz ii pwz at pghfamily.net
Mon Aug 21 14:16:44 CDT 2000

I'm no guru
Sounds like a factor of 3-4 times too high in my area.
While the memory is max'ed with what will fit on the board
and the HD is nice size
Still pretty steep.

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> Hi sun gurus,
> I'm sort of new to the solaris world.  Have an opportunity to purchase a
SparcStation 2 for $100 (plus shipping) with the following (some of which
I'm sure is standard):
> 64 MB Memory,
> 1.05 GB Hard Drive
> AUI Ethernet Connection - Convertible to TP.
> External SCSI II connector
> 2 Serial Ports
> Parallel Port
> Frame Buffer
> Pizza Box Form Factor
> System currently loaded with Solaris 7
> Unit has no keyboard or mouse.
> Does this seem like a decent deal or can I do better somewhere else?  (I
do have the option of taking a unit from work
> home but would prefer to have one that I own.
> TIA for any/all comments.
> Ann Waters
> Kaiser Permanente
> Silver Spring, MD
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