[SunRescue] [2.7, Sun IPC install] Data Access Exception...

MartinFrostmartin at dsres.com MartinFrostmartin at dsres.com
Mon Aug 21 10:44:38 CDT 2000

Kurt Mosiejczuk wrote:

> Well, I can chime in that I have installed 2 SS2s and an IPX with
> the 2.7 floppy.  The problems I had were all due to a bad disk.
> And it was even a "new" one.

> Now, I think you mentioned you're machine was an IPC, I don't know
> if THAT makes a difference...

When booting a SPARC, something has to set up MMU mappings for all
memory that is used. The OBP sets up a simple mapping of the first
couple of megs, which is enough to load the second-stage loader and
the basic kernel.

The suggestion that there isn't enough memory on older machines
could well be that older OBPs map less memory on boot than newer
ones. The OpenBSD single-floppy install contains quite a lot of
compressed data: maybe this expands over the limit for the 2.7


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