[SunRescue] SPARC Station 2: Network Interface Problems

ee cue eecue at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 21 01:11:34 CDT 2000

I have a SPARCStation 2 that I just recently bought.  It is my first Sun so 
excuse my ignorance.  I purchased an AUI to 10BaseT converter and connected 
it to the AUI/parllel (marked with <..>) port on the back of my SPARC.  I 
plugged that into my LAN and it seems to work fine with my rarpd and tftpd 
servers on startup using "boot net".  When I boot like this it recognizes 
the le0 device, but when I try and boot normally, the device does not seem 
to be configured and I con not see it in   ifconfig -a  what am I doing 
wrong here?

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