[SunRescue] [2.7, Sun IPC install] Data Access Exception...

GregoryLeblancGLeblanc at cu-portland.edu GregoryLeblancGLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Sun Aug 20 18:58:15 CDT 2000

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> Exception...
> Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:
> > >> OpenBSD BOOT 2.1
> > booting bsd @ 0x4000
> > Data Access Exception
> Most of the problems I've had installing OpenBSD on SPARC have been
> down to either a bad floppy disk or a bad floppy drive.
> Even verifying the disk doesn't guarantee that it's OK. The floppy
> boot code seems very sensitive to bad disks.
> Try using a brand new disk, straight from the box. Write the kernel
> onto it and boot from it.

Don't use a "new" floppy purchased from the store, they're generally crap.
If you have an old copy of Windows on floppies, or even the AOL disks, use
those instead, and do a badblocks run on them first.  Retail floppies are
made as cheaply as possible, floppies to distribute software are as reliable
as possible.  

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