[SunRescue] [2.7, Sun IPC install] Data Access Exception...

MartinFrostmartin at dsres.com MartinFrostmartin at dsres.com
Sun Aug 20 16:49:19 CDT 2000

Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:

> >> OpenBSD BOOT 2.1
> booting bsd @ 0x4000
> Data Access Exception

Most of the problems I've had installing OpenBSD on SPARC have been
down to either a bad floppy disk or a bad floppy drive.

Even verifying the disk doesn't guarantee that it's OK. The floppy
boot code seems very sensitive to bad disks.

Try using a brand new disk, straight from the box. Write the kernel
onto it and boot from it.

If that doesn't work, you can always try netbooting. It's not too
hard if you have another Unix machine.


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