[SunRescue] SM52 (501-2445) that I still have available

ChadA.Chancechance117 at home.com ChadA.Chancechance117 at home.com
Sun Aug 20 00:51:56 CDT 2000

I had posted about this about a month ago, I still have this item if anybody
has a use for it, let me know. It really bugs me that I have this and it's
not being used.

What it is:
	Dual 50mhz MBUS module with 1meg cache per proc, part #501-2445
	Evidently this is specifically for the second MBUS slot on a 4/6XXMP board
and will NOT work in a SS10 or SS20

I had bought this to go into my SS10 not realizing exactly what it was, at
this point I really just want to get it to someone that can use it. I'll
accept any reasonable offer, cash or trade for SUN/SPARC related items (I
could really use a SBUS Ethernet card, hint, hint).

Of course if someone wants to donate a 630MP to me so I can put this to use,
I wouldn't complain....

Mail me off list if your interested,
chance117 at home.com

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