[SunRescue] OT: video game consoles

Andy Wallis rawallis at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 19 20:26:31 CDT 2000

> Any opinions on the Dreamcast?  I'm debating getting one.
> Even better, anybody bought one, hated it, wanna sell it cheap?
>  (my main reason is the availability of Gundam Side Story: 0079...)
	From what I've been seeing of the Dreamcast's sales, it will end
up like Sega's latter day failures like the Sega CD and Saturn. If all
you want is for the Gundam game, it isn't worth it. This would be thrown
out the window if you really wanted another story from the Gundam
universe to add to an anime collection( I would do it for a Martian
Successor Nadeciso game, though)
	A nice feature of the Dreamcast that there is a NetBSD port for
it so it could stretch usability more than a simple game console. If
there are other games that want to get for the Dreamcast, and have the
time, effort and energy to put into it, go for it.
	-Andy Wallis

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