[SunRescue] sparcstation 10 problems

BrianSmithbrian63808 at hotmail.com BrianSmithbrian63808 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 19 00:52:40 CDT 2000


I just acquired some various sparcstation parts. I have a sparcstation 10 
with a SM81 processor module installed. When I came across a SM71 processor 
module, I contemplated having them running together in the same MP system. I 
found some unofficial documentation that suggested that mixing these two 
modules actually did work, however useless it was, and I decided to try it. 
Bad idea.

When I booted, my NVRAM was determined to contain bad data (it never had 
this problem before) and a few other errors were mentioned. The computer was 
still in openboot when I shut it off. When I tried restarting the computer, 
the computer refused to start up. I always received a forever-lit capslock 
light. I didn't find anything on the net about what the keyboard error codes 
are (if this is one), so I'd like to ask: What problem do I have and how do 
I fix it?

Is there a way to manually reset the nvram? or is there a 
keyboard-combination I need to use while booting?

How do I go about physically removing this NVRAM chip from the motherboard? 
Its not like removing the PROM chip, which I've done easily with a flathead 

Thanks for any help,
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