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---- ----
---- ---- <--- This is the bank you want to fill first.
---- ----
---- ----

That's how my IPC(s) operate.  Apparently that's bank 0 on those boxes.

The "skipped" slots someone else was referring to is for Classic(s) and such
where you have to skip  72 pin SIMM slots to fill the machine correctly.

Hope this helps.

Mike Hebel

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On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Ken Hansen wrote:

> sunhelp.org page has a link to the birdsall HW Ref pages, try there.

I did try that first... which section?  I checked the CPU section,
the board sections (both of them) and even the appendices, and I didn't
see a section on which order to throw memory in.

> The quick answer is that the RAM should go from front to back skipping
> slots as needed. To put in your two banks (of 4 SIMMs) you would put
> two in the front-most slots, skip two, fill two, skip two, fill two, skip
> two,
> fill two, then skip two.
> Confused? The link off of sunhelp.org ahould help...

Now I'm REALLY confused.  I ended up finding more SIMMs for the third
bank, and then it came on...  however, I don't know how I would work
your suggestion since the IPC only has 3 banks of 4, like this:


---- ----
---- ----
---- ----
---- ----

Thus I assume you need to fill a bank of 4 at a time,
but I don't know which order (still don't really, as even
though it works now, I filled them ALL)

> Ken


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