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Ken Hansen n2vip at bellatlantic.net
Fri Aug 18 12:53:33 CDT 2000

sunhelp.org page has a link to the birdsall HW Ref pages, try there.

The quick answer is that the RAM should go from front to back skipping
slots as needed. To put in your two banks (of 4 SIMMs) you would put
two in the front-most slots, skip two, fill two, skip two, fill two, skip
fill two, then skip two.

Confused? The link off of sunhelp.org ahould help...

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> I left my recently acquired FE Handbook at home, and I haven't found
> this in the hardware FAQ (maybe I looked in the wrong place).  But,
> which bank should be populated first in an IPC?  I'm doing an
> inventory of the various sun equipment they have and I've put 8 1M
> SIMMs from a SS1 with a dead NVRAM in the IPC in the left 2 banks,
> but the machine won't come up.  No blinken lights on the type 5
> keyboard... nada.  I want to make sure I'm not just putting the RAM
> in the wrong place before I chalk up the little IPC as dead.
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