[SunRescue] IPC question...

KurtMosiejczukkurt at csh.rit.edu KurtMosiejczukkurt at csh.rit.edu
Fri Aug 18 12:42:55 CDT 2000

I left my recently acquired FE Handbook at home, and I haven't found
this in the hardware FAQ (maybe I looked in the wrong place).  But,
which bank should be populated first in an IPC?  I'm doing an 
inventory of the various sun equipment they have and I've put 8 1M
SIMMs from a SS1 with a dead NVRAM in the IPC in the left 2 banks, 
but the machine won't come up.  No blinken lights on the type 5
keyboard... nada.  I want to make sure I'm not just putting the RAM
in the wrong place before I chalk up the little IPC as dead.



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