[SunRescue] some close to free stuff i dont want to have to throw away

KeithHargrovekeithhargrove at hotmail.com KeithHargrovekeithhargrove at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 17 20:05:00 CDT 2000

Hi guys,

i have some Almost free stuff that i dont want to throw away:

2 - Sun 4/110 motherboards
1 - Sun 4/110 chassis
1 - Sun 3/60 chassis
1 - Sun 4/490 VME chassis
1 - sun 4/280 VME chassis
3 - Sun Tape/cdrom trays for sun 4/690
pile of Sun VME cards
piles of Sun VME motherboard
2 - Sun 4/330's

some newer stuff as well.

Make a offer via email to me privately and lets get this stuff that ive 
collected over the years out of my garage.

i dont want to throw it out.

im located on the west coast.



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