[SunRescue] Sparc 2, Linux and ethernet

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Thu Aug 17 12:19:18 CDT 2000

I'll have to disagree with that (somewhat).  You're right about the PCI
bus, but it's only burst.  (spec is PCI will burst to 133MB/s, just a
hair over gigabit)  However all 4port cards I've dealt with (mostly the
newer adaptec starfire) use 64bit pci, and sometimes even 66mhz, which
kicks you up to ~500MB/s.  This is enought for Lots (tm) of 100Mbits
ports.  I have gotten in the mid to low 90Mbits/second going between a
pair of PII's using 3C905's, so I don't doubt if you mucked with things
and elimitated tcp ip and other overheads you could get VERY close to
100Mbits.  As a side note, most cisco routers and switches (C3524 as an
example, a 24port 10/100, 2port 1000 switch) have pci.  It's not obvious,
and you can't stick in pci cards, but the bus is still pci.
PS, how much do ppl here know about gigabit?  I can't get mine to go over

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> > > Right now I have an old Intel box that I use as a router.  
> > It runs RedHat 
> > > Linux, and has three PCI ethernet cards that Linux 
> > recognizes as eth0, 1, 
> > > and 2.  Works fine.
> > > 
> > > However, its old, and, since it is my router, if it dies, 
> > the whole net is 
> > > down.
> > 
> > My solution to this was a newer (also surplus) WinTel board, 
> > three PCI quad ethernet cards and OpenBSD (linux disn't line 
> > the cards).
> I just did the math real quick here.  
> 32-bits times 33MHz yeilds a throughput of 132MB/sec.  
> 12 ports at 100Mbit yeilds a throughput of 150MB/sec.
> So, uhm, those had best not be all 100MBit ports.  I doubt that you can get
> even 100MBit from a standard P-II/III motherboard, probably much less with
> older boards.  Not that you'll be using that much bandwidth, but that's
> certainly more than it can handle.  That's probably why none of the
> commercial switches/routers use PCI.  :-)
> 	Greg
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