[SunRescue] Sparc 2, Linux and ethernet

GregoryLeblancGLeblanc at cu-portland.edu GregoryLeblancGLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Thu Aug 17 12:01:09 CDT 2000

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> > Right now I have an old Intel box that I use as a router.  
> It runs RedHat 
> > Linux, and has three PCI ethernet cards that Linux 
> recognizes as eth0, 1, 
> > and 2.  Works fine.
> > 
> > However, its old, and, since it is my router, if it dies, 
> the whole net is 
> > down.
> My solution to this was a newer (also surplus) WinTel board, 
> three PCI quad ethernet cards and OpenBSD (linux disn't line 
> the cards).

I just did the math real quick here.  
32-bits times 33MHz yeilds a throughput of 132MB/sec.  
12 ports at 100Mbit yeilds a throughput of 150MB/sec.

So, uhm, those had best not be all 100MBit ports.  I doubt that you can get
even 100MBit from a standard P-II/III motherboard, probably much less with
older boards.  Not that you'll be using that much bandwidth, but that's
certainly more than it can handle.  That's probably why none of the
commercial switches/routers use PCI.  :-)

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