[SunRescue] What to use for Windoze or Linux X Terminal...

Creaseysammy at oh.verio.com Creaseysammy at oh.verio.com
Thu Aug 17 09:29:17 CDT 2000

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, Mike Hebel wrote:

> Got a question:  What would be the best piece of software to use on a
> Windows box as an X-Terminal for Solaris?  What about on Linux?
> I'm more than a little clueless on how to set this up but what I have is a
> few Sun boxes (IPC/IPX/SS2) that will be running several OSs including
> Solaris.  I don't have a Sun monitor right now and will most likely not be
> buying one for several months.  What's the best solution?  I don't need X
> for the ones running NetBSD because they aren't running X but I would like
> to run X on the SS2 with Solaris 7. (I just got the full server version in
> here yesterday along with two boxes of Solaris 8)

For running X on win32, Exceed is definately the way to go.  I've found ti
to be by far the most robust Win32 X (server?) out there.   (good enough
to log into a remote linux maching running gdm (the gnome display
manager) and actually pop the gnome panel right on top the start bar in
NT. :)  sliding the gnome panel let me hit the bar under it...)

IIRC, exceed is rather pricey....   There's another product called X-Win32
from a company called StarNet (starnet.com).   It's good, but not as good.
(has significant problem with remote gnome sessions, but works great for
more typical X apps.)   I believe it's significantly cheaper.   I've heard
they've released a new version recently, but I've not looked for it or
tired it out if it exists.

-- Sam

	-- Robert E. McElwaine

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