[SunRescue] What to use for Windoze or Linux X Terminal...

MikeHebeldruaga at pmail.net MikeHebeldruaga at pmail.net
Thu Aug 17 08:56:28 CDT 2000

Got a question:  What would be the best piece of software to use on a
Windows box as an X-Terminal for Solaris?  What about on Linux?

I'm more than a little clueless on how to set this up but what I have is a
few Sun boxes (IPC/IPX/SS2) that will be running several OSs including
Solaris.  I don't have a Sun monitor right now and will most likely not be
buying one for several months.  What's the best solution?  I don't need X
for the ones running NetBSD because they aren't running X but I would like
to run X on the SS2 with Solaris 7. (I just got the full server version in
here yesterday along with two boxes of Solaris 8)

Regardless anybody have any good suggestions?

Mike Hebel

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