[SunRescue] Sparc 2, Linux and ethernet

PaulPhillipspaul at partitura.com PaulPhillipspaul at partitura.com
Wed Aug 16 21:38:16 CDT 2000

Right now I have an old Intel box that I use as a router.  It runs RedHat 
Linux, and has three PCI ethernet cards that Linux recognizes as eth0, 1, 
and 2.  Works fine.

However, its old, and, since it is my router, if it dies, the whole net is 

If I were to rescue (ok - buy) an old Sparc 2, could I put in one of those 
4 port Sun sbus ethernet cards?  If so, would the RedHat Linix Sparc 
version recognize the 4 ports?  If I can make this work, I could use it as 
a backup for my current router machine...

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