[SunRescue] hard drives and memory

GregoryLeblancGLeblanc at cu-portland.edu GregoryLeblancGLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Wed Aug 16 19:26:03 CDT 2000

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> Subject: [SunRescue] hard drives and memory
> I am looking for a new hard drive for my Indy (4GB range).  Are there
> any items to remember when looking for a hard drive?  Any gotchas? 
> Like SCA, SCSI-2, etc...
> Basically, I'm not looking for specific recommendations, just basic
> guidelines.

Hmm, from the looks of my Indy, any 1/3 height (that's 1 inch high) narrow
SCSI drive should work.  I've been shopping HiTechCafe lately.  You might
actually be able to get a better deal on a 9GB drive than a 4, but just
watch their HD prices for a week or so, and you should be able to find
something adequate.  Just one thing to mention, shipping/handing from them
generally runs about $11, including UPS ground.  Their deals on everything
else make it worth it, and they do a really good job of packing.  Later,

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