[SunRescue] NVRAM chips.... anyone have the pinouts or internal schematics?

BSD Bob the old greybead BSD freak bobkeys at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Wed Aug 16 08:23:33 CDT 2000

On a lark... considering that those silly nvram chips are so expensive,
and that rebatterying them is sometimes a delicate and problematic operation,
does anyone have the actual pinouts or internal schematics of the mt08
nvram chips?  I am wondering if, by any long shot chance, there is actually
a battery input voltage pin that is not being used on the chips normally,
to which one could solder jumpers to an external battery rather than
having to cut open the lids on the critters.  That would also go for
the Dallas 1287 ram chips that IBM and DEC uses.

Just pondering and thinking out loud....

Surely there is a way.....



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