[SunRescue] spurious data in phase..?

Ken Hansen n2vip at bellatlantic.net
Tue Aug 15 16:15:45 CDT 2000

I am not familiar with the messages you are seeing, but
I suspect this is why the unit became "available." ;^)

Can you boot without the ext.drive? If so, do the errors
persist? My first suspect would be the SCSI cable, then
the drive, and finally the controller in the system, in
that order.

If you need replacement cables or controller, there is a
site that may have some reasonable deals:


They had 1 meter SCSI cables for about $13 ea., and SBUS
SCSI controllers for about $30 - they was also a price break
if you bought a cable with a drive/controller IIRC.

My list was ordered by replacement cost:

SCSI Cable	$13
SCSI Controller	$30
Replacement SS1+ (priceless ;^)


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From: bobk <bobk at sinister.com>
To: rescue at sunhelp.org
Sent: August 15, 2000 6:27:41 PM GMT
Subject: [SunRescue] spurious data in phase..?

Got a ss1+ with sunos 4.1.3 on it that someone was dumping, and a 411 case
with a micropolis 1.6gb drive in it, set it on scsi id 1 and connected and
booted up.

I mounted the drive, and I got the error:
vmunix: esp0: Spurious data in phase from target 1
A\nd I get a ton of these each time I access the drive, though the
seem to be working. What is the source of this error? How can I make it go

I did searching with google, and looked at the archives on sunhelp.org web
page (but see no way to search them - is there something I am missing?) -
to no avail.


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