[SunRescue] spurious data in phase..?

bobk bobk at sinister.com
Tue Aug 15 13:27:41 CDT 2000

Got a ss1+ with sunos 4.1.3 on it that someone was dumping, and a 411 case
with a micropolis 1.6gb drive in it, set it on scsi id 1 and connected and
booted up.

I mounted the drive, and I got the error:
vmunix: esp0: Spurious data in phase from target 1
A\nd I get a ton of these each time I access the drive, though the
seem to be working. What is the source of this error? How can I make it go

I did searching with google, and looked at the archives on sunhelp.org web
page (but see no way to search them - is there something I am missing?) -
to no avail.

damned yankee

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