[SunRescue] SparcStations on Fire

Ken Hansen n2vip at bellatlantic.net
Tue Aug 15 11:30:09 CDT 2000

I say let it die - it is old, slow, and now broken.

Value-wise, there is none here - the unit is not worth
your time opening (I would suspect) *except* for idle
curiousity. If the PS is shot, a replacement will cost
*easily* as much as a replacement SLC.

Performance-wise, the machine still had a bit more useful
life in it, but are you really that hard up for a mono
x term of that vintage? (I know, you wanted to sell  the
unit, the question was meant retorically)

Annoyance-wise, it is a big box to walk-around while you
wait for a new part to arrive.

My advise - pull the RAM, put it on the curb or offer the
beast free for shipping cost if anyone is interested, and
if you have no use for the RAM, either sell it on ebay or
offer it here as a form of "organ donation" so that your
loss will not be total.

Now, if I could practice what I preach, my family would
have a much more usable basement...

(Who *still* slows down when I spy an IBM XT on the curb ;^)

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From: Chris Drelich <hyena at interport.net>
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Subject: [SunRescue] SparcStations on Fire

I was intent on selling my SparcStation SLC on ebay.  So, I turned it on for
the first time in about a year, intent on taking some pictures.  I flicked
switch, and heard a few crackling noises, followed by smoke pouring out of
system and a horrible smell.  It was not the cable, that was fine, and was
powering a different computer a few minutes prior to it being plugged into
SLC.  Im curious if anything like this has happened to anyone before or if
anyone know what might have caused it?  Just idle curiosity really, the
of the system is no big deal, and I never thought I'd get more then $20 for
on ebay.
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