[SunRescue] SparcStations on Fire

Chris Drelich hyena at interport.net
Tue Aug 15 04:53:59 CDT 2000

I was intent on selling my SparcStation SLC on ebay.  So, I turned it on for
the first time in about a year, intent on taking some pictures.  I flicked the
switch, and heard a few crackling noises, followed by smoke pouring out of the
system and a horrible smell.  It was not the cable, that was fine, and was just
powering a different computer a few minutes prior to it being plugged into the
SLC.  Im curious if anything like this has happened to anyone before or if
anyone know what might have caused it?  Just idle curiosity really, the death
of the system is no big deal, and I never thought I'd get more then $20 for it
on ebay.

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