[SunRescue] Contest suggestion

MartinFrostmartin at dsres.com MartinFrostmartin at dsres.com
Mon Aug 14 07:46:05 CDT 2000

Paul Khoury - Tech Support wrote:

> Had a suggestion - any chance we can create a Sunhelp.org RC5 team
> on distributed.net?  I'm part of the OS/2 team, but like the OS,
> the team mailing list and website seems to be dead also.

One issue: if you're doing RC5 on SPARCs, you'll struggle to keep up
with the PC people, due to the lack of hardware rotate.

(Amusingly, the better sun3 machines can outperform some early sun4
machines on this, because the 68020 and 68030 did have hardware rotate.)

Suns should do much better on the floating-point based things, like
SETI at home (if that's still going).


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