[SunRescue] Sparc 20 woes

MartinFrostmartin at dsres.com MartinFrostmartin at dsres.com
Mon Aug 14 07:31:52 CDT 2000

Steve Doyle wrote:

> > Is the previous system another SS20?

> No - Its a Sparc 1+ - thinking about it it may have been a bit optimistic
> to think it would work, but itis still the generic kernel so...

SS1+ is sun4c architecture, but SS20 is sun4m. You need to get the sun4m
kernel bits, and the sun4m bootblock.

Since you have a tape drive and you say you've kept everything well
segregated, the best option is probably to back up your data and do
a proper reinstall.

You could also follow the procedure given in another recent post for
booting off the installation CDROM and installing the extra bits by hand.
(Chris Powell's message <200008140851.JAA03609 at brian.psc>)

> The boot -r isnt an option though as it just doesnt get that far.

You said you can boot off CDROM. Just type L1-A when you get the
`booting from ...' message. Type boot -r at that prompt. I don't think
that is your problem, though.



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