[SunRescue] Sparc 20 woes

SteveDoyleS.Doyle at csc.liv.ac.uk SteveDoyleS.Doyle at csc.liv.ac.uk
Mon Aug 14 03:16:08 CDT 2000

On Sun, 13 Aug 2000, Ken Hansen wrote:

> Thinking out-loud, hope this helps:
> 1) SS20s use SCA drives, right? Are the drives in the right SCSI-ID
> addresses?

They arent SCA drives - all the disks are are the 50 pin type and fairly 
new. They live in an external cabinet with the Exabyte and QIC tape drives 
where they get a bit more air round them. 

> 2) probe-scsi - are the drives there?

Yes - no problems at all, even with the SCSI chain full. 

> 3) Are these drives of unusual size (DOUS)? Might there be a problem with

No - fairly standard 2GB and 4GB ones.

> 4) If you pur the drives back in your previous system, will they boot there?

Havent tried this yet - but am off for a week so its a job for when I get
back. They were working fine in the old box though and they still mount up 
fine on the new one.

> Is the previous system another SS20?

No - Its a Sparc 1+ - thinking about it it may have been a bit optimistic
to think it would work, but itis still the generic kernel so...

> 5) Do you have a spare drive you could try installing off of? The SCSI
> controller may be failing (longshot).

I can get one :)

If needs be I can move files about and reinstall the 2.6. I've kept everything
fairly well split up just in case.

The boot -r isnt an option though as it just doesnt get that far.


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