[SunRescue] OT: Compaq Disks

RRrr at rits.com.au RRrr at rits.com.au
Sat Aug 12 22:16:38 CDT 2000


I'm looking for 2-5 Compaq SCSI disks each of 2-9Gb to use with a Compaq
Smart2/P RAID controller.  Disks don't have to be brand-new or hot-plug,
but need to be the same size & speed.  I know egghead.com regularly
sells Compaq disks, but they don't ship internationally :)

Back on topic:

Anyone interested some Sparc5/110 or Sparc5/170 motherboards and 24 bit
framebuffers (probably leo or tcx)?  I am trying to get hold of some
surplus Sparc5 bases locally, but most have no memory or disk.  Most of
the local buyers only want whole systems, so if I get the lot, I'll need
to part-out quite a few to obtain disks and RAM for the others.



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